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Dead Sea Cosmetics

Dead Sea Cosmetics 

 ...And yet all the Dead Sea products on have so much more than amazing minerals from Israel's Dead Sea to offer.
All of our Dead Sea skin care products are alcohol and paraben free and are infused with the world's most effective moisturizing herbal oils, antioxidants and natural ingredients.
You will experience delightful results from using these products to nourish your skin, prevent age and environmental damage and turn the clock back on already formed lines and wrinkles.

Basic Equipment... the original EPA - Environmental Protection Applications can roll back the clock and also keep environmental factors from taking a toll on your good looks and youthful skin. At night these Dead Sea skin care products keep your skin nourished and radiant against the air conditioning or heat as youDead Sea Cosmetics sleep. During the day, proper skin care protects from sun, wind, smoke and all you may encounter at work or on the go.

Dead Sea Skin care

Men, too can use every one of these Dead Sea skin care products to turn rough skin smooth and take years off your appearance!

All of the products on this website are the freshest available and have the most current expiration date at 2-4 years out. 



The Best Quality Dead Sea Minerals Skin Care Products at Afforable Prices
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